Encouraging News about ALKarma Network

Millions of souls have come to know Christ as their Lord and Savior through Alkarma Network.
Alkarma’s television transmission covers the entire world on 14 Satellites, Local TV, internet stream, website, Roku and via many IPTV providers or smart phones all over the world.
Airing 24/7 on local USA American channel 27.5 (Orange County and Los Angeles greater area).
Alkarma can be viewed all over the world via website, YouTube live, Facebook Live, Apple TV, Roku, IPTV providers and mobile devices.
Alkarma has high-quality studios and 44 professionally trained staff, working in 7 different channels on independent feeds, broadcasting simultaneously.
Alkarma has 7 Channels NA1, ME1, AU, NA 2, ME 2, US Local and 24/7 Praise. In addition to available applications in the App Store and Google Store for the iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android devices.
3 Live Production and broadcasting moving units in the US, 1 in Canada and 1 in the Middle East, with 27 weekly live shows from the US and other countries.
Airing hundreds of live Gospel preaching meetings and events from all over the world. Alkarma produces more than 2,500 hours of various programming annually to meet the hunger for God’s great news.
Alkarma prayer team is able to receive calls and prayer requests, praying with callers from all over the world.
Alkarma accounting books are voluntarily audited annually to ensure integrity and accountability. Alkarma is a member of the ECFA (Evangelical Counsel for Financial Accountability).
Alkarma has branches located in Australia, New Zealand and Canada, as well as Egypt and other countries. With trained counselors and a prayer team equipped to pray with our audience through 48 phone lines and Viber.
Alkarma is supporting thousands of families financially in Egypt and many other countries. Alkarma Network is a Non-profit organization Charity in USA (501(c)(3), Canada, Australia and New Zealand.