Isik Abla

IŞIK ABLA was born and raised in a Muslim home and experienced verbal and physical abuse, and found herself in a violent marriage to a Muslim man, which she fled from in 1996, and went to America after her husband tried to kill her. After years of struggling to start her career in a foreign country, Işık fell into depression and became suicidal. On the day she was planning to end her life, she had a personal encounter with God, where she surrendered her life to Jesus and received the healing of Jesus Christ. After receiving the Lord’s call to full-time ministry, she began hosting a satellite TV on Turkish and Farsi TV channels throughout the Middle East and Europe in 2009, to later founding Işık Abla Ministries in 2011 and starting Embracing New Life, TV programs in English. Today, Işık’s TV & Radio programs are streamed in over 150 countries in 5 languages: Turkish, Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, and English- available to more than 700 million people. She was awarded the National Religious Broadcaster’s International Impact Award for demonstrating a strong personal commitment to proclaiming Christ through electronic media, to influence culture for Christ.

Episode 77: Try To Look | الحلقة 77: حاول أن تنظر

Episode 76: Excited People | الحلقة 76: الناس المتحمسون

Episode 75: Healing | الحلقة 75: الشفاء

Episode 74: One Touch of God Can Change You | الحلقة 74: لمسة واحدة من الله تقدر أن تغيرك

Episode 73: Power of Blood | الحلقة 73: قوة الدم

Episode 72: God’s Plan For You | الحلقة 72: خطة الله لك

Episode 71: Are you strong? | الحلقة 71: هل أنت قوي؟

Episode 70: God is love | الحلقة 70: الله محبة

Episode 69: Fake Peace | الحلقة 69: السلام الزائف

Episode 68: Revival Holiness | الحلقة 68: إحياء القداسة

Episode 67: Cup of Suffering (Part2) | الحلقة 67: كأس المعاناة (جزء 2)

Episode 66: Cup of Suffering (Part1) | الحلقة 66: كأس المعاناة (جزء 1)

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