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  1. shirin Yousif says:

    very great prayers and program, we ask priest peter majdi to pray for Christian family , they are facing at tragedy . their son was badly injured in betruit Lebanon . they live in Canada but their son name Fadi Marwan was there . god bless you all .parents really need prayers . thank you

    • Hïba says:

      Thank you for reaching out and sharing this news dear Shirin.
      Alkarma TV Network is praying and supporting Lebanon and its victims in every possible way.
      We hope the Lord’s peace would comfort all the impacted families.
      Feel free to contact us and our team would be honored to pray with you
      +1 (714) 709 – 4300


    • amen in Jesus Nam He is The greatest Miracles Maker He paid the price of his healing

  2. Rita says:

    Good morning dear Alkarma,
    سلام المسيح معكم جميعا
    The app still nit wirking well after few minutes. It stops .
    For longtime I couldn’t watch it.
    Thank you. God bless you all.

  3. Sherely says:

    This is a really good program I love it.

  4. Mary Maassarany says:

    Hi Dr. Tamer, I am 68 years old, live in Canada, the only vaccine I am allowed to take is AstraZeneca, would you please let me know how safe this one and how good is it. God bless you

  5. Azem Hanna says:

    رساله ممسوحه بلروح القدس كأنها لي شخصيا حيث اننافقدنا اخونا الاسبوع الماضي ربنا يباركلك صلو لاجلنا

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